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Smoking Chicken - Halves or Whole?

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I've had good success with whole chickens. I'm going to be smoking some and carrying them on an annual golf trip with 15 other guys. I'll be smoking them on a Friday, carrying in a cooler Saturday, and dinner on Sunday night.

I'm thinking about halving the chickens before the smoke so I can just take them off, let them cool, and get them in the cooler, and serving a half for each guy.

Any noticeable differences in halves of whole?

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Never did a half of a chicken, but have split Cornish hens in half and served. Stuffed them with Boudin and they came out great.
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I ahve the best luck with smoking chicken whole. I butterfly them and cook like that. They split in 1/2 pretty easy after the smoke at that point anyway, but I like the bones / whole ness while smoking to help keep things moist.

Reminds me I gotta smoke a few this weekend. Thinking canju butter injection and some sorta rub...
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I think they are better whole, no juices dripping out where you cut them. Why not smoke whole, cool down and then cut in half and wrap.
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I smoke all mine whole then cut in half. Keeps the juices in much better.
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I prefer to spatchcock em. Been getting far better results this way, not sure why. Simple process too, just take shears and cut out the backbone, start to spread it and look for the cartilage in the breast, two quick slices and a slash by the breastbone and whamo, the bone and cartilage come right out. I season with EVOO then my special rub and a little montreal...bone down on the grill, fantastic results every time.
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I've tried both and I'm on board with GreenDrake - my experience is that the spatchcock method is more predictable and just a juicy as the whole bird.
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