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I scrolled all the way down in anticipation of seeing pictures and needlss to say... didn't see any. Quit being selfish and keeping your expensive smoker all to yourself... PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif We want to see!
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Thanks everybody!

Thanks everybody for all the encouragement! My new baby was delivered around 7:00!! I absoludelty love it! Now Wallace the delivery guy played a trick on me...that SOB!!! LOL!!! He nows what I'm talkin about!!

It has now struck my partners that I'm serious! It is here!! We will be starting the first Friday after Easter!! If you can make it like I said look for the big bald guy running around like a chicken with his head cut off!! I can hardly wait!

I'm going to cure it tomorrow and do a maiden voyage on Sat! I'll get some pics!!
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Here she is!

Here's my baby!
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I just shed a tear for you shorts! Getting a chance to follow a dream and have your wife by your side! I pray that everything works out for you, and that God will open up more doors for you.
Great looking Lang!!!!!!!!! Someday one will be following me.
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Thanks flyfishjeep! It's keeping us on our toes but we're looking forward to our first cook on April 9th!
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Shorts I hope you do well. I've been thinking about doing some BBQ here in Florida. Scared to death about forking out the money to do what I want to do but maybe the saying if you build it they will come works. Good food at a reasonable price! Best of luck.
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Glad to hear you and your wife are trying to make something good out of something bad. Sorry to hear about your job but hey after all those years you should be able to have some fun now.I can not think of any better way. Nice smoker am sure it will be a hit Good luck.
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Nice rig shorts! Make sure you lock-it up and keep it safe. There are allot of desperate people coming out of the woodwork.

I remember a yr or two ago when you had a lil contest/ gig with your local watering hole or VFW or something or other.

Looks like you have gotten the bug pretty much. Good for you. Try and keep it fun for your wife too, I sincerely hope you both enjoy this venture.

The lang will turn out great food for years, you will be suprised how easy it is to maintain heat and flavor.
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Awesome rig! that lang 84 is my dream machine. It's going be mine someday . I see he changed the thermo placement. PLEASE more pictures!!! Also does that stack fit under a standard garage door?
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good luck

Good luck to you and your wife on your new endeavor...I'm sure you guys will do just fine.
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Your gonna love the Lang...I know I love mine...Good Luck
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