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I have a pepper sprout!

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Planted some Cayennes about 9 days ago, and saw my first sprout yesterday (I'm assuming its a pepper sprout). 8 days to germination on a cayenne sounds about right doesn't it?

I planted my anchos and serranos Friday, so I should be seeing those next week sometime if all goes well. If not, I'll just buy some live plants. This is my first time geminating from seeds.

I have some cilantro and oregano that I planted over a month ago that is doing fairly well. Although a lot of the oregano didn't geminate (only 2 out of about 10 seeds) and none of my basil geminated so I replanted oregano and basil Friday as well. I think I'm going to plant more cilantro too because I only have 3 of them, and I'm thinking I may need more.
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its been about 10 days on some I started and nothing yet...
I wonder if you could sprout pepper seeds like bean sprouts for sandwiches etc?!
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8 days is a pretty good germination for a hot pepper. I have had them sprout in as little as 5 days and as many as 14 days later, mostly depends on the seed and the amount of heat in the soil.
Kept mine at about 85 degrees for germination, now I have 55 great little pepper plants that are due for a transplant into bigger pots.
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Excellent When They Sprout

I too plant alot of peppers from seed and fill in the gaps with some already along the way. I save the seeds from last years batches (started from non hybrid organic for the most part)

I will be seeding this comming weekend:

Ancho - Poblano
Sweet Italian
Bell Red Green Yellow
jalapeno Early
Jalapeno Heritage
Jalapeno TAM
Thai Giants

I will put the herbs and veggies in as well... there are just to many to list...

I do have to say though I put corn in last year and nothing beats a FRESH corn roast right off the stalks...
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Since today is payday, I think I'll go get some seeds and start planting, thanks guys !

Scott PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I rotate my garden in a quad rotation. Everything goes on a quarter turn every year. Legumes, salad greens, vining fruits like squash, and nightshades. Last year and again this year I've planted potatoes in my nightshade plot and started peppers in pots. When I harvest the potatoes in late June or July I'll transplant the peppers into the garden. Peppers handle the transplant really well, and they usually hang around until the first hard freeze.
I have Sweet Banana, Chocolate Beauty, Hot Jalapeno, Cubanelle, and Long Cayenne already potted. I'm sure more will follow. We scored 20 12" pots with a water reservoir in each for .99 apiece last weekend.
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Thought I found something growing also.....NO.....WAIT A's just the end of one of my dogs toys sticking up through the snow....few more weeks around this areas before we can do any planting......just waiting for the tulips to pop up their heads.....

Saw a news clip about a guy in California that has finally got tulips to grow out there.....he has about 3000 tulips blooming.....he sticks the bulbs in refrigerators over the winter months out there to simulate our cold winters back here....and the tulips are just dumb enough to fall for that !!! With all those bulbs in the frig......wonder what he has done with all the beer....think he might just have his priorities mixed up.....!!! LOL

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You can't get a tulip to bloom in Texas without sticking the bulb in the refrigerator for about 8 weeks. It just ain't gonna happen.

Beer goes in the cooler. The ice maker works 24/7.
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Peppers are pretty tough to start so I don't think it would be worth it.

It was planted on Friday morning of one week and I noticed it Monday evening so its more like 10 1/2 days, which seems about right. But I'm not confident that its a pepper because the soil I used for those is actually older soil that used to be outside so it could be another plant, maybe even a weed.
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I planted 2 ghost peppers, 3 jalepenos, 2 anaheims and 2 serranos. I've planted them about a week ago and so far only have 1 anaheim barely popping through the soil. I put 3 seeds in each pot which will be transplanted in about a month.
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