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You use Tender Quick as a seasoning? Don't think that would be too healthy for a guy,

This mix is a fast cure product that has been developed as a cure for meat, poultry, game, salmon, shad, and sablefish. It is a combination of high grade salt and other quality curing ingredients that can be used for both dry and sweet pickle curing. Morton® Tender Quick® mix contains salt, the main preserving agent; sugar, both sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite, curing agents that also contribute to development of color and flavor; and propylene glycol to keep the mixture uniform. Morton® Tender Quick® mix can be used interchangeably with Morton® Sugar Cure® (Plain) mix. It is NOT a meat tenderizer.
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GaryT, good point. I'm not familiar with tender quick but if it's used to cure the meat would it not be safe to season with as well. I ask because I'm curious. Thanks
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A yardbird is one who gets to stay out all night. A chicken has to be in before the street lights come on. icon_mrgreen.gif
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GaryT, I don't use it as a seasoning. I sort of fast cure the chickens overnight.

I rub on the TQ, let it set for awhile (6-12 hours, then wash the chicken. By that time the TQ has worked it's way uniformly through the bird. There are nitrates in it, which I guess aren't too healthy...

Is there something else I should know about?
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Nope, just wanted to make sure you knew what the stuff was, I use it as a cure for bacon, never tried using it for anything but a cure.
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We call the ones that get to say out all night coyote chow PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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