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Holding ABT's

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A little different than RdKnB's post, I am thinking of doing a batch for a friends party late on Saturday.

What would you do to hold/transport these? I was thinking about using a pre-heated crockpot. Smoke to party time probably two hours.
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I don't know but that sounds like a good idea. Also foil and wrap them in a towel may work also
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I have put mine in foil before and that seemed to work fine. If they cool down then you can just throw the foil in the oven a bit to heat them up.
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On the WSM. Don't think I will foil as I don't want them getting soggy. Filling is cream cheese and chedder. Topped with little smokey, bacon wrapped and lightly dusted with rub. I shot video so there will be another QMovie soon. Anyone have a good animation of a buffalo taking a crap with an atomic explosion in the background?

Its warm here today so all the windows are open. The house smells of smoke. I love it, the family? Not so much.

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I whish I had a bunch of those to scarf down later today.
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My mom has a pyrex 9X13 insulated carrier. I have put the ABT's in there, heated up the hot pack and transported them that way. ABT's are much better when they are still warm and crispy in my opinion.
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