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My local Steel supply wanted 426.00 for a sheet, the local hardware store/homedepot lowes all have 18 gauge, which is way too light. I will try a metal or welding shop. Thanks Guys

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Found a Weber Grill to solve this problem. Grill is #7439 and is 10.5 inches across. Is perfect for the charcoal basket
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LOL, I ordered two of those today from for my ECB. They are a perfect fit. 

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Hmm.. old thread. But, do this. bushel size galvanized steel 17.5 inch. I put legs on. 2 Weber vents.
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Then drill holes in a 15 inch tabletop kettle grill. Dozens of them.. on sides and bottom. And use that inside the bushel basket. I actually used more holes than this pic.
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Use a grate or expanded steel for the bottom. So it's a inch or so above.
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So now you can load up to 7 lbs of charcoal. I haven't tried lump yet. I don't need foil even for a gasket but I did use foil once to try it out.
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The water dish I use a big brick. Covered in foil. It's same as sand.
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The body sits on the base fine. You may have to tweak it and get it to where you want it even. I use my foot on top of a leg of the base to hold it down as I lift up on the 2 handles to remove the body when I need to.
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Nice, I like that mod! Nice job. Not sure that I've even seen a steel bushel basket around here, but i will check my local true value! Thanks for sharing,even though it is an old topic! 

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maybe  three of four bolts with double nuts and the heads inwards to let the ECB rest on just before it would bind up?

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I put a vent on top and used a threaded pipe for the probe wires to go into the smoker. It has nuts on the inside and out. That was from the lamp repair section of the hardware store. Also I used a rope gasket from a fireplace n stove shop with RTV sealant around the lid to close that big gap.
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I'm at 227° now on the grate. It's been 9 hours into this brisket smoke. I jiggled the coal pan after 8 hours just to shake out some ash. It's still going.. dampers are just cracked. Not much wind and it's 75 outside. I'm happy with these mods.. Maybe could use a Party Q to help with air flow. But they cost 3x more than what I have into this ECB.
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10 hours and this load is half used at most.
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10 hours
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Wow that's impressive!
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It's still on the same load of coal.. I just wrapped my brisket and cracked the door to get higher temp. It's into hour 13 for the coals. 😀🔥
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Oh.. and I coated pennies with heat proof RTV and stuck those over the 6 holes where the leg bolts went. 😀 it worked! The pennies plugged the holes up nice.
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It's done brinkmann rocked it today.
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Wrapped in the cooler 👍 happy 4th!
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