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2 Pastramies One For Me And One For Bubba

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I got these at Kroger 1.49 a pound. They were points and I usually do flats but for that price I thought what the heck.

I just used the spice packs that came with it + garlic and lemon pepper.

Here they are at 130'.

Got the slicer out of the garage as it was packed.

Caraway sourdough ready.

Some kraut, the only thing missing is swiss or provolone, but I have some shredded Mexican cheese and of course some spicy mustard and horseradish cream sauce.

They are currently at 146'. They will prorbably stall soon and may not be ready for tonight.

Oh well, then it will be smoked chicken with some mac and cheese for dinner.

Thx for watching.
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Waiting the outcome Ron. Wondering about pastrami?
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Tis the season! I stuffed my freezer full, enough to last till the next president. icon_mrgreen.gif
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I'm excited to see these!
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Stalled at 155' and just foiled for the night at 155'. I will take it out tomorow morning.

I guess it is plan b and have chick and mac and chese.
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My name is Bubba. My name is Bubba. Oh wait, there're not ready yet. Okay, I'll Be Back! icon_smile.gif
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Here they are going to rest at 185' for the night foiled.

This am cooling off, I'll chill in the fridge and slice tonight. It sure was tender.
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2 Plates Of Heaven

All sliced up.

Plate 1.

Plate 2.

Really good flavor and tender.
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Thanks Ron, looking great I always enjoy reading your post with qview
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That looks amazing !
Thanks for showing.
Here are some well deserved----->points.gif

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Ron, those plates look great, good eats

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Look great Ron! Let me know if you need a second opinion on the taste.
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I need room for a slicer!

Looking great!
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Nice lookin' 'strami, Ron! That is a nice buy, too...our local source went from 1.86 to 2.08/lb for packers now. I'll keep lookin' tho!

Thanks for sharing!

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Great looking Pastrami. Looks delicious...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Bubba just picked up his pastrami finally, and just called to say everyone loved it and wants more. Only problem I just called Krogers and the price is now 2.99.PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif

I'll call my friend tomorrow and see what he can do for me.icon_wink.gif
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