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Smoked Salted Rib Steak W/Qview

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I guess I forgot to post this and just found it in my camera, must be old age. I finally finished this the other day.

Covered in TQ as I don't have any sea salt.

2 hours later. Rinsed and ready for the smoke.

Youshidas, garlic and lemon pepper.
3 days later and FINALLY hungry enough to smoke it.

Smoked to 115' and seared.

I wish I didn't wait that long to finish, it was good and me and the kids ate it all.
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those grill marks are great, I am so hungry now
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That is a bb steak (prime rib) I assume?
May I ask what grill make those grill marks?
It does look picture perfect !!!
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I get that from the Yoshidas and most of the sugars are carmelized and disapated and doesn't leave a strong flavor behind.

It works great on anything especially when searing.

I know of a few here have dissed Youshidas, that are worried about high fructos sugars for high blood sugars and diabetis but with less than 1 TBS no worry.

Thanks for the compliment.
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That in my mind is a picture perfect steak.
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that sure looks purty Ron... dang i would have loved to see a cut away view on that. be interesting to see what the TQ did on that beef. as usual another great job!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif and points.gifjust because thats one dang nice looking rib steak!!!
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Nice looking steak. Love those grill marks. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good looking steak Ron! What does the TQ do to it as opposed to sea salt?

Thanks for sharing the qview! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That looks just great, Ron! Just last week, I salted a couple of rib eyes with Kosher salt. Left on for only 30 minutes, rinsed well and grilled. My wife said it tasted too salty even though I didn't detect any saltiness. If I had used the Yoshida's, she would have said it was too sweet! Man, it's hard to cook around here sometimes.biggrin.gif
Mossy, you can do the grill marks just by searing real good then turn the steak 1/4 turn. Example below.

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Nice Ron, thanks
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