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smokehouse and cold smoking

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I'm wanting to get into smoking cheese but I'm also wondering if a smoke house will also do regular stuff like poultry?

What advice do the experts have on this?
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It will work fine as long as you can hold to the temps.

I have the acerage and the funds to build one, but still do not have the time. Here is what I have found that works on my current smokers -

I am not the seller of these units, just a customer.
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As Mo says the smokehouse construction would have to be able to handle the temps but maybe the bigger thing is you'd have to be able to have a heat and smoke source capable of doing low temps for cold smoking as well as high temps for hot smoking. It can be done but requires more thought and possibly more or different equipment
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Build a fridge conversion fer the cool smokes an a smoke house fer the poultry an such.

Fridge smoker be perty easy ta build an work great.
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Here is a cheap and efficient way to cold smoke. I use this even for warm smokes, and it works flawlessly.
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My smokehouse can reach 280° + temps, but can also be turned down to 80° (in cold weather - not when it's 110° outside in the Texas sunshine, lol!) on low partial burner.
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Build your smoke house for hot smoking with the heat source (gas or electric) inside the smoker. For cold smoking, use a heat source outside the smoke house (e.g. a grill or other small smoker) and route the smoke to your smoke house with a dryer hose or flue pipe. The hose/pipe would have to be long enough for the heat to dissipate so that it remains cool enough inside your smoke house.
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Looking at all the information I'm even more lost.

Here is the deal I live in the city (urban area) and have cool neighbors. But building a full blown stationary smoke house could be the final straw. So I was hoping to make a smaller one that is somewhat hidden.

Maybe beside the shed, behind it, or even in it.....

So what is a respectable size, can one be built in a shed...Is this adventure even worth all the work for cheese?
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YES. I'm a newbie to the cheese smoking thing too, but the adventure is worth it. Consider, you know how and what the cheese was smoked with. You did the smoking. You control the process. The store bought stuff, who knows how it got that way? I suspect the miracle of chemicals in a lot of these cheeses. Thinking of sausage? Similar process, low temps. Multi Tasking rules, right?
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Heck, you can start some wood smouldering in a coffee can, hook a hose to it into a cardboard box upside down with a small stand with cheese on it inside it and cold smoke to your heart's content! Just buy a dryer vent hose at any hardware store and jerry-rig the rest! See how inventive you can get! Some newspaper and a few chunks of wood, make a draft to go up, ductape a hose to it, use a can or pail or something that won't burn up, then stretch the hose out to dissipate heat then into the box, again creating upward draft to get the smoke to draft by the cheeses. Take lots of pics and show us how to do it! You can do it, we know you can! And, more important than the final product:

icon_mrgreen.gifHAVE FUN AND ENJOY!icon_mrgreen.gif
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