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Coffee/Spice Grinders

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I have read posts where people talk about getting a grinder for spice mixtures. Well, guess what? No need to have 2 grinders in the kitchen. When I need to grind some spices, I take about 1/2 piece of bread, tear it up into small pieces and put it into my coffee grinder. Process and wipe it out. After grinding my spices, I used the other half of the bread and repeat. No need for a dedicated spice grinder. I heard about this from Master Chief Michael Chiarello of the famous Napa Valley in CA. I was leary, but it works great (I am anal about my fresh ground coffee in the morning). There is no cross contamination from either use.
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Great tip! Thanks. points.gif
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Even with something like cumin seed? That's one oily pungent seed right there.
Though I only use one grinder anyway since I don't drink coffee.
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Thnx for passing on the tip!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I grind my french roast which is oily, and then peppercorns and then back to coffee. I,m picky about my coffee and have never had a problem.
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great idea...

but for someone like me that has no use for coffee, I just have a coffee grinder dedicated for spices.. never fouled by nasty coffee beans..icon_smile.gif
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