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Cool. I was just worried some of that smoke would escape to freedom without ever gracing the meat.
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Im in the early stages of building an offset much like what you are doing... Im new this all this and my question is... The opening from the firebox to the cooking chamber... can that be wide open? I mean as much as the cut allows? or do I need to fabricate a dampener so it can be adjusted? I guess im wondering if the opening size matters at all.... nice build and thanks for the responses.
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Go see my response to the same question you had in the last thread.
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nice build!!
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Just added a second stack to let her breathe. I'm trying to make them look like bull That's about as fancy as I get.

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Great job !!!!!!!
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Awesome to see a project "Start-2-Finish". points.gif

Now, bless us with QView Food Pics....Please?!?!?!


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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This was a test cook last Friday, just some chicken and three slabs of ribs. Came our awesome

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Man, that looks so cool, wish I had the means and know how to build something like that.
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I see all this stuff like this, and realize that Smokin' meat is alike a gateway drug.... I'm going home tonight and telling my wife I need to get a welder now. :)

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   Shaneholz,you have a nice rig there,are you going to plate it to draw the heat to the upright?

I did that to my Tejas and get a good temp from her,and can cook anything I can afford or what others bring in to me.

My7 only problem is sometimes I don't have enough room.LOL

   As many here know,I do not cheat on the cooking,mine is the real deal. Man I wish there was a program on Back Yard Chefs...Betty 004.JPG

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Really nice

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Great job Shane. Your quite the fabricator.

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Would love to find something like this......

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