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scarbelly is .......

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A O K my book! it was a pleaure to have you and Mark over for dinner and thx for the chz and nutz! glad to catch up with you and anytime yer in town there will always be a space at our table...........even if you have to squeeze in next to the wall.icon_mrgreen.gif
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My friend Mark and I have been in Phoenix attending Spring Training since last Thursday. Today we had the honor and privelage of going to Rob's home for dinner. Rob and his family took us in and treated us like royalty and family at the same time. We spent a wonderful evening sharing family stories and some incredible food, even though I was pinned up against the wall. I think that may have been a ploy to keep me from eating everything on the table PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif

The experience is one that Mark and I will remember for a long time. Rob as you know, my door is open anytime.

SMF members - I encourage you to take the time to engage someone you relate to on this forum and reach out and make a friend. Tonite is a perfect example of how wonderful the experience can be.
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this might have been mark's doing.......he seemed to make it around the table pretty good.

thx....don't know when, but one day my friend.

very true!

glad to have you over gary!
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Cool glad ya'll got to meet up. Its fun and I have enjoyed meeting every member I've had the chance to so far
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i also have met with other locals from a couple of cigar boards as, drink, and good smokes!
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hey gary, what did you smoke the nuts and chz with.......tasty!
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