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'Strami I love it!

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Picked up 2, 6 lb flats from Bj's for corned beef. Daughter's birthday supper. Brined'em up using #1 powder and a recipe from a friend.
After thinking great thoughts, figured I would leave those two as corned beef, and pick up some corned beef for pastrami.
Went to Restaurant Depot and got 2 16-17 pounders. They turned out to be packer brisket corned. I thought they might be flats. I trimmed off the points and dropped them in water to cook. Rubbed nup the flats with all the usual suspects. Added some red pepper also, very nice. Fired up the GOSM with oak and apple, only refilled twice. She ran @ 230 for 9 hours. Internal finally hit 165. Sliced her up and I have a few 1 pound bags of goodnes.

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Very nice, it looks great.
I thought that RD had full packer corned beef. Don't see that every day.
What did you do with the points?

After you taste that homemade corned beef then you will have to do them again and take all the way to strami.
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Never seen an entire packer corned like that.. very nice looking smoke!
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Points were boiled for sammies.
I was planning on using one of my brined flats for pastrami but. I figured I hate to clean the slicer after using it for 4 pounds of meat. So I loaded up and 'stramied out.
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that looks very nice, bet it tasted great
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