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Thanks for checking out my somke!
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Are you using rotisserie components and a cordless drill to shred your pork?

If so, hats off for the idea!! I have never seen that....

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That's what I was thinking also. Is that a meatloaf on there?
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Yeah, rotisserie and cordless, shredded the meat in less than 5 seconds! I also had a pastrami on the top shelf of the smoker with some chicken/jalepeno sausage.
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Great idea with the mechanised pork puller. Looks like it did a great job! points.gifto you for a great looking smoke and pork pulling idea.
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You must be a farmer! ;) My father in-law would come up with an idea like that. Thanks for the idea!
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I knight thee Macgyver !! points.gif
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Everything looks great. I am very hungry now.
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WOW!!!! thats a great meal there, very impressive. i have yet to try those stuffed peppers wrapped in bacon, them look amazing.

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Great looking PP. Now I need a dewalt PP shredder! points.gif
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Great idea for the shredder!! Those ABT's look mighty good also!!
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what temp did you take your pork to before pulling?
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Awesome pork puller! Love the idea.
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Another great idea for "pulling" the pork is likely found in many kitchens.

I've heard that the Kitchenaide mixers with the dough hook do a really good job. Just chunk the meat up, drop it in, and turn it on low.

I haven't tried it myself yet because I recently heard about it, and this weekend when I did my PP my mixer bowl was dirty.
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nice color on that pulled pork. points.gif

Id eat a bunch of that.
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I wish there was a video of that rotisserie drill or of the kitchenaid version.

I usually am plenty beers deep when the pork shoulder comes off, and I hate pulling it
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I'll try the mechanized puller, but my dog is going to be damn disappointed.
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I 'll start a new thread of just teh shredder when i can and see if i can link a youtube video and some pics of it in action!!
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