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Wana make my NB better...

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I want to turn my Heavy Older New Braunfels SFB into a Reverse Flow!!!

I think it can be done pretty easy but I need a little advice on 2 measurements:

First, I was obviously going to remove the Stack and relocate it to the other end, pretty simple and then I'll plug the hole left behind with a piece of steel and use the bolt holes that are there...

NEXT, I need to DROP the SFB down for 2 reasons, I don't want that big of an opening and I don't want the PLATE steel for the reverse flow to be that close to the bottom of the racks....

So, I have 2 questions:

How much opening should I leave into the chamber?
And, How much room do I leave at the other end with the reverse flow plate? About how many inches should I leave open at the end?

Let me sneek one more Q in here.... I used to be certified so I'm not a complete NOOB, but if I were to go out and BUY a welder for little stuff like this, what is the most recommended to work on steel 1/4" and under. I would like to have a wire feed, I think that would be cool!!
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I read some one else's posting and they suggest at least 4" from the greats which is what i plan on doing on my build.

For welders i'm sure everyone has there preference. I own a Millermatic 210 w/ spool gun and love it. Welding 3/16" plate for my build right now. I'd just suggest getting a unit a little bigger than what u plan to use it for so you dont run the welder at max for long periods of time. If i remeber right you want to be w/ 60-75% of duty cycle. I would find a local welding supply they might have good used units that you could get for a good price too!
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4" from the grates would be about only a 3 " opening but I'm not complaining if that's OK...

Also I had someone else also tell me to go to a welding shop for a used unit... I guess I'll try that, just wana know what to be looking for.
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Here is the address for the Excell version of the smoker calculator.

This will let you know if the hole will still be large enough. You will need to figure out the cubic volume of the firebox and smoke chamber first..

Greybeard had a post on here of how he did a SNP that is very similar to yours. Might PM him.
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OK. according to that I can leave a 3x10 opening which is perfect to lower the SFB to and add the reverse plate at that level....THNX!!!!

Now all I need to know is how much room at the END to allow for the reverse?
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i want to say someone here has done that mod before.........
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