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BRITU ribs, couldn't resist

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Wasn't going to fire up the smoker this weekend. The family is in Dallas for the weekend and I'm left to fend for myself. As usual, this forum got the mouth to watering and I couldn't resist. Nice thing about a Traeger, easy to fire up and it is always TBS.

Had some BB waiting their turn on the smoker.

Quick rinse and a thin coat of yellow mustard to get things started. Went light on the BRITU (see previous thread BRITU rub, has anyone tried it.) Had all of the makins and decided to give it a try. Cut the salt by 1/3 and used raw sugar in place of the processed version. I'm a big salt fan but the family is not.

Spent some time in the refrig to soak up the rub. Ready for the smoker.

I'll keep you posted as the smoke goes on. Thanks for watching.

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I get the same way.. The qviews on here get you going.. My neighbors think I just like to torture everyone in the area. That may be partially true icon_mrgreen.gif
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Sounds like you gotta plan!
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2 hours in. Ready for foil. Little Apple juice, butter, and clover honey. Wrap it up and back on the smoker. Ribs smell great. You can smell the chili in the rub. Looking forward to tasting these babies!!

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Hour in the foil then out to firm up and get a touch of finishing sauce. It is getting close to chow timeicon_mrgreen.gif

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Gave the ribs an hour on the smoker to firm up. I used the Honey,apple juice, and butter drippings from the foil for the finishing sauce. Gave the ribs a very nice shine. This turned out to be an excellent choice.

Cut them up and served with some corn and peas.

I have been smoking meat for 30+ years and can't count the number of racks I have done. This one was hands down the best I have ever done. I gave one to my neighbor. I asked his opinion without telling him my thoughts. His first comment was " Oh My God".

I will give a critic on the BRITU rub in a separate thread.

Thanks for looking.icon_mrgreen.gif
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they look Great Dave,and ain't it funny how one day of doing somthing so many times it just turns out so Perfect?kinda happened to me with BB's to go look what BRITU is
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BRITU is short for Best Ribs In The Universe. Here is the link to the recipe.
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Glad ya spelled it out, I am riding the short bus today and was picturing sauce through a water filter! icon_redface.gif
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WOW, very close to one of my original self made rubs after combining several recipes... got away from using it, I'm gona have to go back now. I'll never use MSG, wife is allergic, but the rest is real close...

I'm gona have to make a batch and try it out!!! I posted about drying out BS to keep the clumping down, glad to see someone say they do it too. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I have also put Turbinado Sugar in a coffee grinder to get it to almost a powder which works good in rubs too.
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Looks great as usual Dave!
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MSG alternative?

I must say this does look like something to try. I have a family member who can not have anything with MSG in it. Does MSG contribute to the flavor of this recipe? I always thought it was more of a meat tenderizer.
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Having never used the MSG part, I cannot say if it contributed to the taste. All I know is the rub is good without it. My wife always tells me to leave out the MSG. There are a lot of folks that are allergic.
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Nice looking ribs Dave. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

THat Trager does do a pretty good job, if I was ever to go electric thats the route I would go.
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