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reverse flow design help

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well the tanks opened up and im getting ready to do the lay out. Heres what I have so far the tank is 8 feet long and 30 in diameter. I have a 24x24 in firebox. the first question i have is how big of an opening should i have from the firebox to the chamber. the next one is how high from the bottom of the chamber should i put the reverse flow baffle. thanks guys
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I like the baffle 4 inches below my racks. I like 3/32nds for my reverse flow plate.

the opening for the fire entrance should be 8 inches high at the highest point in the center of the cooking chamber that is thirty inches. Then open it straight across to the sides, then follow the radius of the curve all the way around to make the opening complete.

The damper will need to be 4.5 to 6.5 square inches to feed the fire box depending on your elevation.
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3/32 heavy enough for R.V plateicon_question.gif.
no warpageicon_question.gif
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thanks guys. sounds like a plan my plate is 1/8th
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Are you still using the 1/8" plate in your 30" chamber? How did it work out? I am at the buying stage in my build and my smoker is the same size as yours. Thanks
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ya we used the 1/8th i havent finished it yet to check temp. so not sure how it well hold
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Do you have any more pictures of your build? Also, how did you come up with the location of the cut into the chamber for the fire box? By this I mean, how many inches above the floor of the chamber. Thanks again
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i'll try and post some pictures tonight
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