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Got the BSOD (blue screen of death)

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if I don't show up for awhile, it's because my puter crashed. I was just getting ready to check emails tonight when it took a dump on me.

Ran all the diagnostic tests and came up empty with problems, so, it might just decide to lay down on me any time.

My wife's Blackberry is up and running, so at least I can log in and let you know what happened.

Thanks all

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I would start backing up my files etc it you have not already, maybe nothing but the BSOD usally is a first warning
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Thanks for the reminder...I just got started doing a back-up...system restore CDs are in my fire safe all ready to go as well.

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If I were you , after everything is backed up I would run a virus check , and then get Malwarebytes , superantispyware free edition , ad-aware , and spybot search and destroy , and scan with all of them . My son had a problem with that and he didn't have antivirus program , he said he just checks it every week . I know nuts ... especially all the file sharing he does . Anyway , it took me about all day playing with those 4 programs but I eventually got it cleaned out . Before all that I first installed antivirus and ran a virus scan but all 4 programs found something . That was just about a year ago and he hasn't had a problem yet . He had about 200 different things that the 4 different scans found .
With the superantispyware when you double click it to open it don't do anything after that , it takes it about a minute to open , then when it does and you click to update it won't do anything for about another minute or so then it will begin to update . When it gets all done you'll get a screen with everything it downloaded and probably an offer to buy .
Maybe I should have asked if you did all this already . It may just be you've got a pesky something or other on there causing trouble.
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I do the same programs and another is secuina. It monitors if a program is secure and notifies you if something is trying to change anything and also finds insucure programs and gives you a fix.

I feel for you eric.
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