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Fatty question

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For the 3 fatties I am making tomorrow~ should I make them all tomorrow before smoking them, or make them tonight to let them set up overnight? I saw several variations, I just wanted to know which you all think is best.

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Doesn't really make a difference, whichever works for you.
The ONLY time I would suggest not doing them the night before is if they have biscuits, chips, anything inside that would get really soggy, other than that you're good whatever you decide.
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I dont think it really makes a big difference in flavor, but getting them at least cooled down after the bacon wrap helps to set the fatty. I usually just throw the seran wrapped fatty into the freezer for 30 minutes before the smoke. They hold together much better doing this. If you are in a time crunch and want to do the night before, there should be no ill affect to the fatty as long as you have them wrapped tight, and no fridge odors get to them.
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Great! Thank you both!
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