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ThunderDomes's Beer Bathed brisket

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A few days back ThunderDome made something that really caught my eye, a beer bathed brisket.

I thought it looked really good and he was kind enough to send me the recipe so I went out and picked up a 3lb brisket to give it a whirl.

The rub:

I smoked over oak wood for a few hours and placed a pan of beef broth underneath to catch the drippings and pick up some smoke flavor.
My new favorite beef stock

That stuff is sooooooo good!

After a few hours of good smoke I placed the brisket in a foil pan and made up the cooking liquid.
Original recipe calls for 2 cups of Guinness extra stout, I thought it may have been a bit much with the stout so I did half regular Guinness and half Smithwick's. Looking back I wish I had used (and next time will) the Guinness stout, that would have given it a much deeper bold bodied flavor.

In the oven until the brisket reached 205 then I shredded it up and put back in the oven for half an hour to soak up all the great flavors, did I mention how good this smelled as it cooked?

Served over egg noodles

I did add some extra garlic to the dish and some chipotle tobasco on top.
Final verdict? Delicious!
Aside from not using the right beer this was a fantastic dish.
I want to thank ThunderDome again for the recipe and the delicious Qview that inspired me to try this.
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Great looking Q, nice job on the follow-through pics. I always use beer in my brisket marinade. Points to you my friend.
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Wow, that looks good.
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that looks perfect
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Now i need to make it again!

Looks great. I did notice the regular guinness vs the Extra Stout, and I too went back to the extra stout

The leftovers always taste better than the first serving too.

Glad you liked it
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looks good!!!!!!!!!!!!
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