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Season my Smoker

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Hi folks,
I,m a newbe to smoking and have a Master Built Electric Smoker. I have seasoned it and cooked a pork butt and some ribs. They came out wonderful.
My question is after smoking I now have a brown resadew on the inside of my smoker. Should I wash it off or is this part of the seasoning?

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brown or black? and thats the begining of your petina-if brown it's prolly because of moisture.
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Just leave it, it is part of the seasoning.
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You can lightly wipe it, but I wouldn't scrub it off.
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That's the first layer of flavor and it will keep adding more and more you smoke. icon_cool.gif
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Leave it, I haven't cleaned my smoker wall since I started using them. Wash the racks and the drip pan/water pan every time, and maybe any chunks or built up grease on the bottom of the smoker if need be, but leave the walls alone, that is the seasoning.
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