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Uncle tykie has been a Very Busy Man

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Hey Everyone, I know I am a horrible person and I don't post as much as I once did. but It has been a CRAZY BUSY Year. I just thought I would pop in and say hi and keep you abreast of all the Adventures of Ole Uncle Tykie...if any of you

Well, most of you prolly know I opened my first restaurant last August in Ashland, IL. Then I got married on new years Eve, then bought my first house Feb 1st and finally last week I bought my Second Restaurant. It will be called Incle Tykie's Prairie Fire Grill Located in Athens, IL talk about being spread thin. Life is super busy but fun nonetheless. I miss talking to you guys and sharing tips and tricks. I will have pics up of the new place once I get it remodeled.


I have become a member of the local Community club for businesses here in Ashland and they are wanting me to Organize a BBQ Cook-Off for the last weekend in June for the summer Festival here, but I have no clue where to would be cool if It could be a certified KCBS event....any suggestions?

yer old Friend,
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Glad to here things are going good.

I hear ya on the spread to thin thingicon_rolleyes.gif
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congrats on the new store and ya I would say you have been pretty busy-good luck with everything.
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You are giving a new meaning to spread thin.icon_surprised.gif Those are a lot of live changing events for one year. Glad it is working out for you.icon_smile.gif
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Business must be going well if you are now opening a second store. Congratulations on the restarauants, the new home and getting married.
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Congrats on the great success Tykie, a second restaurant is definitely something to be proud of.
I know where I'll be stopping the next time I pass through Illinois.
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Wow, you have been busy, UT! Sounds like success is being pretty sweet for you...just don't let yourself get overwhelmed, brother. Glad to hear things are going well!

I can't help you much with the organizing of a cook-off, as I don't really know where to begin myself, especially a KCBS event. I'm just getting ready to get my feet wet this coming July for a 2-day weekend family reunion that I'm organizing with my siblings back on our childhood stomping grounds. Should be a hoot for sure!

Someone should be along who knows where/how to get started, and the folks you'll need to contact in the community. If nothing else comes up, probably go to the city/town hall, chamber of commerce, etc. They should be able to point you to the right people for permits etc, if needed, for a location.

I wish you all the best!

Take care and have fun!

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Really nice to hear that you are doing well and you seem to be in great spirits. It's all good my friend.
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Thanks Everyone for the Kind Words. There was another guy on here from Athens, IL does anyone know who that might be?

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Wow! thats a year for the record books! Congrats.
I would start by contacting KCBS and get thier recommendations...they might even have one of thier more experienced organizers that could "mentor" you through the process...sounds like fun.
Next time I am up your way, I hope I get a chance to eat at one of your places!
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