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I Need some Dino help.

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Had an idea today and need some info and oppinions.
I need a recipie for a corned beef brineto try some thing off the wall!
Can I soak racks of beef ribs(dino bones) in a corned beef brine to make Corned Dino Bones??? I have alot of racks of dino bones at work that I need to do something with and wanted to do something new exciting!
I thought if I smoked the Corned Beef DinoBones for 4 hours with pecan wood then put them in a roaster full of saurkraut to finish them off would be good.
What do you think??
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It sounds good, I don't see why it wouldn't work. Good luck.
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A little while back I did a rack of spares pastramified, they were really good, a bit salty but good.

Can get you the recipe I use if you want but I inject and then rub when curing things like corned beef.
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I forgot, TQ would work great for that.
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TQ?? Amount?? Other spices??
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This is my go to for corned beef/pastrami

I LOVE his recipe (tweaked to my liking of course)
When I did the ribs using this I just cut the recipe down to the amount of meat I was using.
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1 TBS per pound just follow directions on the bag.
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