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London Broil Rubbed and Poked Qview

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Well this is my first meat smoke with my new charbroil propane smoker. I retired my brinkman electric. I am very satisfied with the way it produces smoke and i love the heat control i have with the propane and the baffle.

Anyways to the meat, i have a nice london broil that i rubbed down with garlic pepper and injected with Tony Chachere's Creole Butter. Im using hickory and here was the meat ready to start. Im going to smoke it at 230* and pull it at around 140* wrap it and let 'er rest, thats what i read somewhere. If you pull it too much later its really tough i hear.

Here you go, a feast for the eyes, ill post more of the finished product.

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Now it looks as if you are well on your way to some yummy goodness to me.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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What time are we eating, I will bring a knive and fork lol , looking good
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About an hour and a half. Can you make it to western pa by then. I'm making up some steak fries too.
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Well hell, if you have steak fries also, then count me in. Nice looking London so far.
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Alright, that was delicous, look at the smoke ring. It looked like it was dry when i was cutting it, but it wasnt, it was holding the juices very well. I pulled it at 140* and let it set for about 45 mins, and had at 'er. Very good, i would definately do it again, and it wasnt that tough, texture wise. Here is the Qview!

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Looks good xj!
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