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I tried Qview thru photoshack butt can't do it.

2 Brisket's and 5 slabs of spares on my baby, 22.5 WSM.

Start Smokin 3:00am tomorrow or 4:00am.

Tequila tasting (top shelf) spares and brisket Saturday night with some good friends.

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Good luck on the long haul my friend.
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Thank you, RP
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If you havn't seen this thread yet check it out. It is a great tutorial on how to post q-view:

I'll take a shot of Patron Gold please!
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RP, when you follow the instruction in the link provided, in uploading your pics select 640X480 size. They will fit nicely on the screen. Photobucket is one of the more popular free sites and is very easy to use.
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Yes. I went with the B-B-Q's tutorial, Still have not been able to get it down.

Anyway, I'll give you a shot of Pardisio tequila in which it does have a smokey flavor.

Thanks RP
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Thanks for the info.

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Beer-B-Q's instructions call for you to have a photobucket account. It's free and it works pretty good to.
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