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offset smoker with warmer

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I have a Bar-b-chef offset smoker. I have seen some offset smokers that have a warmer box attached, was wondering what temps should a person expect out of the warmer if the offset is cooking at 225? I have an older upright smoker I coukld attach to my offset for this purcpose is why I am asking, any thoughts?
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stiffy-I run a Lang 60 Deluxe. When the food chamber temps are running at 225°, the warmer box will be anywhere between 150°-170° if I leave the heat plate in and the damper between the firebox and the warm closed. Removing the heat plate and opening the dampers whide open, I can reach temps of 325°-350° and maintain 225° in the food chamber. With the plate removed and the dampers closed, I can maintain 225°-250° in the warmer. Your mileage may vary.
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Good information thanks
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What I had planned and please give me your thoughts or anyone please

I plan on installing the warmer box at the oppsite end the firebox, with the vent on the warmer box being the only exit of smoke and heat, I do have a baffle I made to level the temps on my offset, i could baffle the heat and smoke almost the entire length of my smoker direacting the heat towards the warmer box
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sounds like you are gonna wind up with a horizonal/verticle smoker instead of a warmer PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif Hemi
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