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Rough Draft of the Logo.. - Page 3

Poll Results: What do you think of the logo design...

Poll expired: Apr 11, 2010  
  • 81% (58)
    I like it.. It will be better once completed and colored in.
  • 7% (5)
    Ehh... It's ok but the pig freaks me out.
  • 11% (8)
    Nope, don't like it. Head back to the drawing board!
71 Total Votes  
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No problem - I'd offer to send some haggis but your Government have banned imports of it for a few years now icon_rolleyes.gif, you'll have to make your ownicon_wink.gif
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Too busy for me, I think more of a simple design is better, too much detail for my liking, just me.
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Well Rick got the 2nd draft to me on a very busy Hockey and Smoking weekend so I'm just getting around to posting the results of all the great input that I received from all of you... So here is what we came up with...

The tartan will definitely be my families Ancient Hunting Tartan as it is also what matches my kilt. I will be making some minor tweaks when it comes to the actual coloring of the logo. But all in all I am very pleased with the result.
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So the final draft is in.. It will be going out for color this week and I will post up the finished product once I have it in hand... Thank you all for your input...

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Looking good Gunner. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I like it - let us see the coloured version when you've got it done please.
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Looks Great Gunner, Much better than the one with horns...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I am also a Scot and I love it. I was just telling my wife if you get them made into window stickers for cars I would glady put one in the back window of my truck.
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My surname is Gordon, and I, too, approve of this design. smile.gif
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So the final result is in...

Is what we decided to go with... Thank you all for your input...
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It looks great! Nice job.
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logo looks great!! I still like the pigs eyes open though....
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