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Rough Draft of the Logo.. - Page 2

Poll Results: What do you think of the logo design...

Poll expired: Apr 11, 2010  
  • 81% (58)
    I like it.. It will be better once completed and colored in.
  • 7% (5)
    Ehh... It's ok but the pig freaks me out.
  • 11% (8)
    Nope, don't like it. Head back to the drawing board!
71 Total Votes  
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Personally I like it. Like said above maybe work on the colors and the hat.
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Ya beat me to it Dutch, I was gona post those also... found here:


I have to AGREE, the HAT (now that it has been pointed out and makes sense) could use a makeover but other than that, it's all good.
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I agree with others in that the horns got to go. Go with one of the headgear that Dutch provided. I love the Scottish Claymore, nice touch. The font looks good to me. And the pig is fine. As Travcoman said, thats what they are there for.
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That's awesome! I love it!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Need to make the C in Scot look more like a C. I thought it was an N at first and said "The Smokin Snot" which didnt sound right to me, lol. Other then that, its awesome!
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Being of the female gender, and a lover of pork, I have to say the pig really bothers me. I instantly felt sorry for it and it turned me abit. Sorry. Rest looks grand to me.
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I'd put X's for his eyes and an apple in his mouth. I'd soften the glare of the Scot a little, you don't want the customer getting the impression that the service is 'my way or the highway'; more smile, less scowl. Replace the axe on his back with a pair of tongs 'to serve up the best there is.... aye?!'
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I tend to agree with most opinions here also. The pig doesn't bother me but I can see women immediately feeling sorry for him. The hat needs to change also, like already mentioned, he is not a viking. The lettering is difficult to read but it may just need some outlining not changing of the font possibly. I like the font personally but outline the letters may help. I thought the sword as a spit was a great idea.

But I am still wondering what Haggis is? If it is food or something you are selling, then by all means don't take it off there. It makes others like me ask what it is and then want to try it.

Also haven't heard any comments on the shield he is holding. Doesn't really look like a shield but it seems to be more than that. Can someone give a little insight on it. It seems to have some significance but I don't understand.

I am not trying to be critical, but helpful. Overall I have to say my first look at it made me smile and I thought it was cool. Just a few tweaks to appeal to the masses and you are ready to go.
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The Targe/Shield he is holding is actually my Clan crest. It's one of the few things that is truly non-negotiable.. I'm going to pull all the ideas together this weekend and fire off an email to the artist with some proposed changes adn will post up the rev2 of the logo when he gets it finished up.

Thanks all for the great ideas and constructive critisism. I totally agree that if I was just going for something to go on shirts and a banner for comps then it would be "Damn em all Full speed ahead" But since I'm hoping to pull some small catering jobs to start with I need to have a more "sane" image so to speak.
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I like it!!!!!
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Well gunner, if your going into the catering business you will need fortitude!!
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I lived in Scotland as a teenager (dad was in the Navy)...Haggis is good eats! basically a sheeps stomach filled with minced meat and oats and such...kind of a sausage of sorts; I believe it is boiled. It has a nice spiciness to it! Keep the Haggis reference...makes for a good conversation starter!!!

I like the logo! I agree the font is a bit hard to read... if you are going down the road it might be difficult to figure out what it says before its too late.
I like the pig! but I can see where some might have issue with him...
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Well it is indeed cool. My thoughts on logos are to keep it simple and quickly recongnizable. It is marketing 101. How many would have guessed at the Nike check mark?
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I got a great boon today.. It's funny that you mentioned Nike.. A friend of mine works in the Addidas corporate office and the head of their "Branding" dept. agreed to take a look at the next revision when I get it and give me some thoughts on it...
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I like what you've done. But, if you're going to use this as your business logo, I think it's a bit too busy. This would look great on a computer screen or sign. But, it would probably be too small for your business cards. Some of the text wouldn't be large enough to read without squinting. I'm speaking specificly about the print inside the oval--your crest and the haggis reference. For me, the best logos have little text.

Just my two cents.
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Looks pretty good, my 2c as a complete novice:

The font up top is a bit hard to read, I'd think you want that to be instantly understood, rather than having to take that second glance at the letters.

Kill the pig. Disney artists figured out a while back that putting eyebrows on animals makes them instantly humanized, it's like a subliminal thing. I suspect you could achieve the same humorous effect with X X for eyes, and like someone said put an apple in it's mouth, or hang his tongue out for fun. Keeps the chil'ren happy and keeps the mens hungry.

That seal/crest seemed strange and out of place at first but looking at it again I'd say that's probably because its the only thing that is colored in. So is the whole middle drawing going to be colored in to match that crest? If so that will look good.

Oh and if you want to send me some meat I'll give my opinion on that too. icon_cool.gif
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I've managed to miss this thread before, hope you don't mind a couple of comments from Scotland, but let me say that I like it first off - some of the following is nitpicking:
  • Dutch is right about the Glengarry or the Balmoral - apart from the Island Clans who were more Viking than Scot, that horned helmet doesn't look right (and there's debate over even the Vikings wearing them).
  • I don't agree with Dutch about using a Stewart Tartan - the badge is the MacRae's - to use another Tartan wouldn't fit - the MacRae's site has a page of their tartans - I like the Hunting & the Ancient Hunting personally http://www.clan-macrae.org.uk/ .
  • The pig looks scared - X's for eyes to show you don't roast them alive or an Englishman would be better. (Only joking about the Englishman icon_wink.gif)
  • I like the Uncial font - although the orange one's maybe a wee bit too fancy - this one's a little bit more legible while still celtic looking http://www.brighthub.com/link/header...es%2f5622.aspx If you want to add fancy you could google Illustrated Capitals - but they might be a bit much.
  • The clan badge as a shield doesn't look right to me - you'd be better with a proper Targe & the clan crest incorporated among the writing - probably at the bottom.
  • The clan badge is signifying that the team are proper members of the Clan - there are some who would ask. Also the belt around the insignia represents allegiance to the Clan Chief & should not have a gold buckle or adornment - it should be black and white or black and silver only - only the Laird or Lady are allowed it in gold. (This is being picky BUT Clan Badges and tartans are as meaningful to some clan members as the Stars & Stripes are to Americans).
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I like it but the Hat has to go and You should Kill the piggy for the ladies I suppose.

But something about it bothers me a lot. Its Probably because my Grand dad had a real one and treasured it very highly. The use of the Claymore over the flame . It is a true fighting sword and all I can think of when seeing it like that is that the tempering is being ruined.

I know you have to use the Clan Crest that is proper for your clan, however My clan Crest has a naked Lady on it. Much more eye catching.... Hee hee.

Hint. Murray clan.....Mermaid..icon_smile.gif
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I got the 2nd draft of the logo today but I'm whooped after a tough 1st round playoff game for our Winterhawks... I'll get it posted up tomorrow While I'm waiting for the 6 racks of St. Louis Ribs to smoke away.
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Thank you for your input.. My Great Kilt is done in Ancient Hunting and will probably be the colors we use once the logo is inked. I did not know that about the Clan badge and will definitely make the approprite change there in the final inking.
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