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Chicken Breasts Question

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Well I'm going to do some more chicken breasts in a little while and I was wondering if I foiled them at around 120-130* if that would help them in being more moist or not. I did some a while ago and they came out good but were just a tad dry. I do soak them in a brine for 24 hours prior to the smoker. Also if I can foil them should I put some apple juice in there too.

Thanks, Tim
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Are they bone in or boneless? What temp are you smoking them at?
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If I do just breasts (no skin) then I drop the smoker temp down to 225* from the normal 250* and that seems to help the juices stay in place as there's less pressure for them to escape. That said, foiling sounds like a good way to do it as well. Let us know if you decide to try it.
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Now I have only done whole birds and turkey breast and the turkey I didin't foil. Now for the last time you did the chicken breast at what temp did you pull them?? I would pull them right at 165° and no more. In my opion I might even go alittle under maybe 160° but that my opion. Cause the chicken will keep cooking for a litle while after you pull it.
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Yes they're boneless and skinless, I cooked them last time at about 225* and I pulled them at 160* and I than glazed them with a honey/butter mix. Everyone loved them but to me I thought they might have been a tad dry.
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IMHO...the juicies breast is still on the "dry" side. I think you're doing what can be done: Brine, take to no higher than 160. I don't think foiling or juicing them would hurt anything.

I'm a dark meat fan mostly because it is a lot more juicy.

Let us know how your next batch turns out.
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