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Sourdough Trio!

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I'll start off by saying - I think this is probably illegal in 39 states..
I did an internet search on Bassman.... and found out that his previous address was AREA 51!

Here's my sponge


Raised Dough after just an hour

That's what I'm saying!

Despite my first experience to do just two things with the dough, this bad boy was so obnoxious, I went ahead and did three again.
Rolls, Round, Cinnamon Bread

Kinda jacked up the round trying to slash it to make it purdy... next time it's going into the oven straight away.

Thanks for checking out my TRIO!
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We don't have an icon for "oops"!biggrin.gif Just slightly got away from you, didn't it? Looks great though. I'd like to see that cinnamon bread sliced.
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wow that looks good
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Well here ya go!

And YES, this one did get away from me... but just for a little while.icon_mrgreen.gif
Damn good starter, my friend.
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Nicely done. I love the smell of bread in the morning. Hey, that should go in my sig! points.gif
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Cinnamon toast! Breakfast of champions.biggrin.gif
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I love sourdough...and I make bread every once in a while but I have never made sourdough. Any good threads for the process to get started?
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We love the sourdough and Mrs Scar makes it all the time - that is great looking bread - Nice work

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Here's a great link to get you "started".
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BF - My suggestion would be to search some of Bassman's posts. He is (one of) the sourdough MASTER!

Thanks, Scar! I'll have to look up some of your posts for some pointers.
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