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Doing a Brisket the SmokyOky's Seared Method

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Been reading a lot thru the forum and I decided I am going to try the SmokyOky's Seared method for a brisket this weekend. Hoping some of you can help with a few questions since the posts on this are a bit older...

1 - Can I seperate the flat and point? I want to use the point for burnt ends, so I would rather seperate before I cook. Should I sear both pieces?

2 - How much should I trim off each side?

3 - Would it be OK if I also injected it the night before? Was thinking about doing the Yoshida's injection from this post:

4 - My brisket is 13lbs...normally I would estimate 1.5 hrs a pound. How is this reduced for searing? 1hr a lb? If I cut the brisket into 2 halves (might need to to fit in the smoker) how does that affect cook time?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm not a brisky expert, but I'll weigh on #3 - ABSOLUTELY!!

Hopefully our brisky experts will be along to help you out with the rest.
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#1- Yes you can separate the point from the flat. I have never done a full packer but when I get my hands on one I am going to separate the two. The point and flat are different thickness and have different fat content so the flat usually gets done earlier and I don't want to try and separate them when the meat is hot.
#2- That is up to you. Some trim a lot and some don't trim any at all. Some put fat cap up and some fat cap down and some start with the cap up and then flip it half way through. Its kind of a personal preference thing. But most places you read will tell you to trim off until you have around 1/4" of fat remaining on the cap.

#3- Yes you can inject the night before I just did my last weekend and I injected it the night before then rubbed in the morning and when I put it in the foil at around 160 I injected it again.

#4- I can't help you with the amount of time the searing will reduce. Hopefully someone will be around soon to help you with that. I was figuring 1.5 - 2 hours a lb for my brisket last weekend and it ended up being 1 hour lb. Mine was a 6 lb brisket and it was done in 5.5 hours. I was not expecting that. It was rather thin and had almost no fat so that must be why it was done so fast.
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I do not trim any fat off until I slice it. I am not doing a comp so it doesn't need to look great.

I put fat side up, until it hits 160 degrees on smoker and then turn it to fat side down. I spritz w/apple juice and apple cider vinegar (mixed up) every few hours. When it hits 180 I wrap in foil and put in cooler to rest.
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Now I have done quite a few brisket and they come out pretty good. Now I have only made burnt ends a couple time and I don't separate the point from the flat before smoking. I usually do that after the smoke then I separate them and cut up the point for burnt ends. Now as far as fat removal I only take off the hard part of the fat cap and that's all. Fat is FLAVOR to me. Now for your searing question I would say only one thing WHY??? You aren't gonna change the taste of the meat and I really don't think you will speed up the smoke by that much unless you seared it for about 20 minutes then you might as well grill it and not smoke it. For your injecting the meat the night before, that's a personal thing to me I don't but that's me. You are you and you will find out the things you like to do to your meat soon enough. But there's my pennies
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since your gonna cut the point from the flat why don't you do a test with your brisket? I have seared and I mean Hot and burnt on the outside-I have also just smoked for a couple hours and panned for the rest.As you will see by your answers theres more than 1 way to do a brisket so try both.If seared fallow Okies method-I have and love it-as far as adding flavor to the inside(why) your meat and the rub u use is plenty(IMO)sear the flat and do your point for burnt ends-as far as time saved on seared-you will still be about the same,your only effecting the outter area. good luck and please let us know.
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forgot to add,if you sear add your rub after and let sit a couple hrs.
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I have a question that is related. When you separate your point from the flat, after the smoke, do you let it rest in a cooler first or separate immediately after it comes off of the smoker?
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Well I went ahead and split the 2 pieces...mostly because I realized that the full packer would not fit in my smoker! (oops!)

I am going to go ahead and try the sear method...just curious about the flavor. Won't know if I never try, right?

I like the idea of adding rub again after the sear...but why wait a few hrs after that before throwing in the smoker? I would think I would want to throw it in right away?


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Nevermind. I found my answer. Sorry for the repost.
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Sound like you need a bigger smoker, Webers 22.5 WSM can fit 4 full packers at once.icon_smile.gif
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It is on my "to-buy" list! :-)

I have the medium size GOSM now...been drooling over the Big Block...wife says I can buy it once we build our new patio outside basically the first day after who knows when. oh well....motiviation for me to get moving on home projects I guess.

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