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Need Brisket Advise

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I'm going to smoke a brisket this weekend and am not sure if I should rub it or marinade and rub it. Which is best? Also, what's a good rub or marinade to use on a brisket? Thanks in advance!
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I'd rub it and inject it. Flavors are really up to you and what you either like or think you'll like with beef. Good luck with your smoke and keep us all posted.
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I would suggest just rubbing and smoking, you can experiment and try new things as you do more briskets but assuming this is your first I would say rub and smoke.
As far as the rub goes, there are sooooooo many but if you want to be on the safe side you could purchase Jeff's rub recipe and use that.

Here is a link for ordering Jeff's rub recipe

And one with some free recipes as well.
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I did my first brisket last weekend and I injected it the night before then I put a rub on it in the morning and then when I foiled it at 160ish I injected it some more. It turned out great nice and juicy for sure. I will be doing this again.
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This is what I do, put a rub that you like on it the nite before and wrap it in plastic wrap. I have never injected a brisket. Smoke it until you want to pull it from smoker, I pull it from the smoker at 180 and wrap it with foil and put in a cooler w/towels for 1-4 hours and then I slice the brisket. I also use a full packer and start w/the fat side up for 1/2 of the time, and the rest of the smoke I turn it over . I do not cut any fat off until I am ready to serve it up. I also spritz the brisket.

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My two cents is that even marinating for 48 hours, won't do much for the just doesn't sink in that far.

However, a good rub is key...also, many folks really like injecting the marinade into the brisket.
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Go here , order it and wait for it to come in . Then follow easy to read instructions . It is simply the best .

PM me if you want a quick easy rub for free .
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