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Smoked a turkey breast and a chicken Sunday

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The CGSP kept a pretty consistent 250-270 degrees the entire time.

When doing a whole bird I've nailed down the means to a tender, crispy skin. It has to be mopped every 20 minutes, starting approximately 45 minutes into the cook (or even earlier). And the mop has to contain some vinegar, and ideally a bit of fat - butter works, drip pan runoff works, bacon fat works.

You lose a bit of heat so it takes a bit longer, but it's sooo worth it.
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Any qview to go along with that? Sound like it turned out great.
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You're my hero! I've been wondering how to get rid of tough, rubbery skin when doing a whole bird for a while. especially my turkey day birds.
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Now it does sound good but I also would like tosee the bird next time.
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Sounds good. Care to share the general proportions of your mop?
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I am going to try that Sunday on some legs and thigh thanks
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I was told that cheese cloth dipped in butter works the same.
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First I brine the bird overnight. Then I take a quart of the brine and boil it as the turkey begins to smoke. I add perhaps 1/4 stick of butter to it after it has boiled, and stir til melted.

Then I take a little plastic tub, scoop some of the brine/butter sauce into it, and add some vinegar (cider vinegar is my preference, but any will work), so the mix is roughly 25% vinegar. And go out to the smoker, and start mopping.
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