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Questions about a 10 lb. ham??

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How long does it usaully take to cook such a big ham, what temp do you cook it at and do you pull it at 160*? I've looked but I was not able to find any smoke recipes for a big home, does anyone have one or show me a link.

Thanks A Lot, Tim
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Hams should be cooked to 160 degrees F. Reheat fully cooked ham to 140 degrees F. Use a meat thermometer to be sure . I smoke mine until they hit 165 and then wrap them like a brisket and pour hot pineapple jiuce over the smoked ham wrapped in tight foil .
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Can I put a rub on it like one that you do for ribs or do people tend not to put rubs on big hams. Thanks
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First is the ham a fresh ham or is italready smoked and you just have to re-heat it??? answer that one and we can give you the right answer that you are asking for.
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Its a fresh ham that I was sent from someone from a specialty meat store and I want to smoke her up. :)
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I'd cure that ham first then smoke it.

After cure, I start out at 130° fer an hour, add smoke an gota bout 160° fer bout 3-4 hours then take mine ta 180° to an internal temp a 165°.

My method is sorta lower then a hot smoke an higher then a cold smoke, but makes fer a tastey ham!

Ya can smoke em at 250° an still have a perty nice ham.

If ya don't cure it, it ain't gonna taste like a ham but closer ta pork butt, would still be good, just not a ham is all. The curin is what gives ham it's taste.

If yer interested in curin it, pm me an I be glad ta help ya some with that.
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I'm with Tip if you don't cure it you won't get that traditional hammy taste and using his slow method for smoking it would allow for more smoke flavor
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