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Breakfast Sausage

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Here is the correct photo file of the Sausage making Hopefully you can read the captions
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Well I finally got a chance to sit down and drop a few lines on my weekend expo. I used 25 lbs of picnic pork diced for a course first cut (see bean plate picture). Then for the mix. I have been using Legg's Maple breakfast Sausage mix with great results.
Then after the mix the final grind and on to stuffing some left over 21 mm sheep casings that I got from Syracuse Casings. We stuffed about 9 lbs and made patties and bulk lb for future fatties.
By the way Columbia Spice is having a sale on thier stuff. I will post if anyone is interested.
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Looks good Hounds, and thanks for the tip on Columbia spice, I need to order a few things.
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Man Hound that sausage looks great and I to need to make some breakfast sausage since I haven't yet.
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That looks great Hounds - I can not wait to get back home and make me some - been on the road for work for 4 weeks
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