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Simple fatties for breakfast

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We had bulk sausage on sale at work last week so I bought 5 pounds to make old school fatties. The kids love a slice of this on a bagel in the morning for breakfast. The nice thing is you can top the slice with whatever you want. Fry up an egg,put on a slice of cheese, smear on some maple syrup,Cream cheese perhaps? The toppings are endless and the sausage is a mild flavor that works with everything.
Here they are waiting for the drum to get up to temp.

And here's the finished product...1-1/2 hours over 300* oak smoke to reach 160*

I'll try to snap a pic of a sandwich this morning.
Thanks for watching
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Heres a wheat bagel with some left over abt filling and a slice of fattie.

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Those are some fine looking fatties, SOB! Sometimes, simple is better. Good looking sandwich too.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looks good, lucky kids lol
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I generally don't eat bagels, but if they looked like that I sure would!
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It looks great and I especially like the subliminal message inference showing a loaded up pill box that says, cholesterol, forget about it!
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Thats funny, I saw that pill box also!! Nice looking fattie, thats how I eat mine!
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Ha HA FunnyStuff! The pill box is actually my sons. The funny part is that my cholesterol is low... 135 I doc asked me how mine was so low and I answered him," I eat alot of meat!"icon_mrgreen.gif

HAHAHAHA!!Take that Evil mother in-law!!
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Now you cann't beat that breakfast sammie with a stick. My cousin from New York City brings me some bialies (jewish bagel) from Koser's kosher deli on east 14th street and this is one of the best things to put between the slices of bialy.
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I love all things 'old school' Ohio Butcher. That definitely includes old school smoked pork. Those look tasty.
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