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Miami Roll?

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First post with Q view!!! This is something a buddy introduced me to. He found it at a local meat market. They prepare it. You buy it and take it home you are to slice it and grill it, and it was pricey! We thought we can make it and why not smoke it? It's a pork tenderloin wrapped in a tenderized flank steak then wrapped in bacon. Oh and seasoned every layer. It looks amazing and is very tasty as well...

Right off the smoker!

Sliced to see what it looked like...

We used the big skewers to hold on the bacon since we didn't weave it. Then I just sliced it in between each one and left them in for a handle. It worked great at the campground!
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Looks good... I think! Need to size up your picts a bit so's we can get the full benefit of your hard work.
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Miami roll??? Never heard of that before. Looks great. Please make your pics a bit larger if you can. I'm old and these old eyes can't see as well as they used toicon_redface.gif. How did it taste???
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From what I can see it looks good.. I'll third the larger pics!
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Nice job and great meal, sure beats paying a lot for something like that that wasn't even smoked.
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Ingenuity and thrift working together. points.gif
+1 on bigger pics, not to mention a little more detail on assembly. I've never heard of a Miami Roll before, and I suspect they just made it up; probably just using up stuff they weren't sure what to do with!

BTW, when I first read the title, I thought you were smoking sushi. PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif
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