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found a lid

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i was driving down the road and saw a old char broil grill with no legs on the side of someones house. no one was home so i went back later talked to the owner. told him i was making a smoker and if he was going to through the grill away i woul be more than happy to take it off his hands. turns out he was going to do the same thing a couple years ago just never did, he told me i could have it for free. i was so stoked i gave him $5 anyways.
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got drum free. used removable top for bottom for easy clean up and bottom for top. cut out bottom with saz zaw used that piece for ash pan. saw idea on this site some were but couldnt find it again so thanks whoever posted the pics of the ash pan. drilled intake holes loaded with pallets and let burn. took less palets than i thought it would. next step cleaning her up.
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well all finished total buil
drum free
bolts nuts washers free
charbroil lid with grat $5
high temp paint $7. had one extra can from old project.
smoked two fatties last night stayed on a little long due to beer consumption but they were good.
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that is a good total price for a uds lol, beer can have that effect
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thanks, going to try and take it easy on the booze next time.
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my friend wanted to build one for cheap as well. found another free drum great. first problem red liner but what the heck it was free continued with build in hopes it was a diffrent type of red drilled all holes filled full of crates set on fire drank beer and kept feeding the drum crates. 9 hours later time for bed. next morning checked on drumliner, it was still their. i cant beleve it. but the fire at least broke the liner down enough to use sand paper and a wire wheel to get it out but its going to be some work
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