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Heat 350?

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I smoked a beef shoulder roast, it weighed 3.5 pounds,I smoked it for 3 hours than wrapped it in aluminum for another hour and a half at 225 witch is my smoker temp and it was a little tuff but done at 160 internal.So i put it in the oven for 30 minutes on 350 and it was much better,So it seems 225 to 250 wont break down the tissue.I think ill smoke half the time and bake half the time?
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Not sure exactly what cut of meat you were smoking. If you pulled it out of the smoker and the internal was 160 and you placed it in an oven and continued to cook to a higher temp then maybe you just didn't smoke it long enough to obtain the same internal temp. The smoker running at 225-250 will break down the collagen and tissues given a long enough time.
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The package of the meat says agus beef shoulder roast 3.67 pounds,,,,,,,,,,,,,So whats the long anuff time to brake down cartlige at 225-250 you know what i mean????
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I'm sad to say I still don't know what cut that is hopefully somebody that does will chime in. I'm gonna guess that it must have had a decent fat content if it didn't completely dry out on you. Chuck Roasts I take to around 190 for slicing and around 205 for pulling
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