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Now you started this thread you said that this wasn't a true fattie. Well let me be the first to tell you it is by any sence of the word a "TRUE FATTIE" in my book. Then you have made one of the best fattie's that I have seen in a long time too. Now it is sausage and stuffing rolled up and wrapped with a bacon of sorts and then smoked it's a fattie. points.gifyou have definatly earned points.gifand more points.gifand then some more too.
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that looks unbelievable! How did you come up with the strategy for wrapping with prosciutto? trial and error or you're just that damn good?
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That looks great. Im going to have to do my first fatty soon.
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I would take the credit for the wrap, but she is standing over my shoulder watching me type. The missus came up with the strategy! All props for that go to her!
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props to the missus!
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That is a great looking dish - WOW that must have been mighty tasty

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that is by far the best fattie i have seen to date. great job and im going to have to do that in the near future
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eek.gif that is one beautiful fatty, props to your mrs for coming up w/ that, my buddy wants to have a cook-off were the women are the judges, I think I'm gonna have to make one of these points.gifand some for the mrs. points.gif
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Great looking food right there.
Is it wrapped in sliced pork loin meat?
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I actually tried making one of these yesterday, it turned out pretty well. I learned that you have to keep track of how much you try and put into a fatty if you want it to closeicon_smile.gif
I also made a pizza fatty with sweet italian sausage instead of the mild, and I think I will have to try the lasagna with the sweet italian sausage. It helped the sauce taste come through better than thie mild.

Thanks for the idea!
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Bravo!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifpoints.gifthat is a thing of beauty!
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Bravo will be adding this to my list to try ...with extra sauce on the side. points.gif
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Nice work on your fattie. I made one almost exactly like that around Christmas time and it was outstanding. The only difference is that we put the cut up fattie in a pan covered it with sauce and extra parmasan cheese and baked for a few minutes until the cheese melted. Outstanding.
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Now thats a original fattie, definately worthy of points.
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Great Italian Fatty! I'll be trying this soon! We need a two thumbs up icon!
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I have a MES. What do I put in the water pan and should I chill it a bit before putting it on the smoker?
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I have no idea... I have never cooked on a MES...experts anyone got an answer for Mama's Smoke?
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I was inspired by this creation and the nice weather in New England this past weekend. Pulled out the smoker and loaded it with chicken and ribs.

I also made 2 of these lasagna fatties! This was a HUGE hit. man are they good. brought one to the in-laws for their Easter Brunch and people loved it. Onlu change i made was a layer of Provolone too.
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I just put water in my pan when I tried it.

I put the meat in the freezer for a few minutes after flattening it out in the ziplock bag. I then put it back into the freezer for a little bit after rolling it, but before I put the bacon/ham on it. Then on to the smoker.
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