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Yellowfin w/Yoshidas

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Decided to try some yellowfin on the Holland with a few alderwood pellets. Just for good measure I marinated in Yoshidas Original for about an hour. Man it was delicious!! Thanks Ron!

After about 10-12 mins on the Holland

Gotta do this more often!!
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Never thought about using it on Tuna. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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You are welcome glad you liked it.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I did it as an after thought but you REALLY should try Yoshidas on tuna if you get a chance. The next opportunity I have I will allow the Tuna to marinate longer in the Yoshidas as the flavor was OUTSTANDING!!
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nice loin! Looks like you smoked it well done? Maybe not. How did you cook it? Hard to tell from here.

PS, how do you like your Holland grill? I was surprised to see that they cook @ only one temp.
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I put it on my to smoke list, so many good ones on here I started to right them down. icon_smile.gif
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It wasn't as well done as it looks...a lil more than medium. Mopping on the Yoshidas gives it a darker look. Just marinated and tossed on the Holland for 5-6 mins a side.

I LOVE the Holland. Not a true smoker and not a traditional gasser in that it wont burn your food or dry it out. You just cook at one temp and vary the time. Try one if you get a chance!
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