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Did you find it hard to slice at that temperature? I would think that it would have begun to break down quite a bit by that point, looks great in any case!
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No I didn't find it hard to slice at all but then again I was using my electric fishing fillet knive. Don't worry I washed the bladeds before I took it to the meat. haha
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It looks like a fine piece of meat & a great first time smoke. I found a cold spot in my grill on my first one & so the front half of my flat was a little dry. I can't wait to try a packer (spelling?) as I am in the process of making some slight modifications to my CG. Great job first timer. points.gif
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Great looking Brisket!!! I am so hungry right now, and I have no BBQ readily available. Please send some ASAP!!!
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Man, you ain't kidding about injecting brisket. I've done easily over 100 briskets over the years and I injected one for the first time ever last Friday. It was a full packer. Since I pull mine I normally leave the entire fat cap on and then scrape it away before pulling. It has always been nice and moist, but this one was the bomb. After a long rest while I was pulling it juice was running out between the grains. I'm surprised there was much left to bag and freeze because wife and dog were both there begging for the next bite. I'm injecting from now on.
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