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Makin Bacon

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Hi All! Iam posting pictures to show How I make bacon. I use the Rytek Kutas method, with some modifications. Instead of honey I used 4 cups of Butterworths Syrup and 1 Lb of brown sugar. I guess you could call it poor mans bacon.
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Sounds good but the link goes to your grinder setup which looks good by the way

Ah I found it just had to look a bit
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Such is the way of photobucket. I wish we could download our pictures directly from our computer.
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Looking good, just recently got that book for Valentines Day. Still in the "reading and learning" stage at this time. I don't have a grinder or sausage stuffer yet but they will come. Right now I am just trying to learn. Baby steps......baby steps.

Bacon looks great so far, hope to see some more pics along the way.

thanks for sharing.
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