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Is it ruined

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Smoked a butt yesterday put it n the ove. To finish took it out n fell asleep put it in the fridge abooouuut 8 hours after it came out am i ok?????
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I wouldn't eat it.
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Bummer man. I wouldn't eat it either, 8 hours is a looooong time in the danger zone (not to count it takes an hour or two to cool down after you get it in the fridge.
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Sitting out for 8 hrs. I would reluctantly toss it. tongue.gif
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Personally, I'd eat it... but it sounds like the consensus is no. Sorry man icon_sad.gif
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Got a dog or a neighbor you don't like? Try it on them first..
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i would not even taste it..........
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YEP, that's too long. I did something like that last year BUTT not as long. BTW, orng95bagdacor
is that your double door smoker? I had one and really liked it BUTT sold it after 50 smokes. Kinda wish I had it back for a spare.
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I'm sorry to say I too would toss it after it sitting out that long
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i wouldn't serve it to anybody except myself, but i would re-heat and serve it to myself.
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If it was cooked when it was done, I'd have no problem with it.

My family has been leaving leftovers on the stove top, or counter for years, and we've been eating it the next day with no problems.

But then again, that's just me.
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yes that is. One of my smokers lobe it... The butt was fully cooked when it cam out of the oven and wrapped in foil around 11 then sat out till about 7 then put in fridge... Still a deff no?
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The correct and safe answer would have to be no imo.
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When in doubt, throw it out. icon_cool.gif
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This answers almost your exact question.

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man that sucks.. all that work and time put into a good peice of meat.. and now u gotta pitch it..
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