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Wild pig sticks

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I smoked some bacon yesterday and ground up a pork shoulder a friend got for me hunting in Texas.He actually got me 8 shoulders and I have been playing with them since.Mom was wrong when she said "Don't play with your food" I can't help it.Here's a couple of pictures of the set up. We made about 200 6" sticks with 10lbs of wild pig only.Bill

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That looks awesome.
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Good looking pig sticks. Thanks for showing them.
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love the snack sticks-not much on that white stuff in the background though.
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What temp did you do them at and how long do they normally take? Thanks
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Damn those look good!
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I haven't done them in my new MES but I started the smoker out at 110* and have been bumping the temp.10deg. an hour @ 150 smoker temp.I'm not putting anymore smoke to them so we'll see how long .Remember it's never time but the Temperature and I'll pull them at 165-170 icon_mrgreen.gif
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