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It's Dudestrami Sunday w/ qview

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Ok so this has been on my list for some time. Found a good sale on corned beef a few day's ago, and decided it was time. Soaked it yesterday in fresh water for 9 hours with 3 water changes. Did a little fry test (yum). Slathered with mustard, and rubbed with coarse black pepper, coriander, garlic powder, and a bit of pickling spice on the fat cap side. Wrapped and let rest over night.

Here it is coming to room temp this morning.

Hitting the MES at 8:45 This morning.

little over an hour into the smoke.. Sitting at 127 degree's. Smells great!
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that is looking good
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Going into the foil for rest then cooling.. Cant wait to slice this little piece of heaven!

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Ok so I couldnt wait to chill then slice.. This stuff is amazing!!!! I bow to the creativity of my brothers and sisters on this forum.. Taking a corned beef and turning it into magnificent pastrami.. Priceless...

I will be doing a minimum of 4 of these next time...

Sorry only a sliced pic.. By the time the meat. munster cheese, and spicy brown mustard hit the sour dough bread, it was being consumed.

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That looks amazing. I will be watching for the corned beef sales with St. Patrick's Day coming. I will be doing this very soon.

What temp did you smoke it?
How long di it take?
At what internal temp did you remove and foil?
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Smoked at an average temp of 235
Used hickory and lump coal until it hit 140.
Sprits with combo of apple cider, Apple vinager, and patron orange liquer.

I pulled and foiled when the internal temp was 185 at the thick part and 200 at the thin.

Took about 7 hours for me, but I am at about 5300 feet of elevation.. Things just take longer up here.

You will not regret doing one of these!
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That looks very good
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Heh, can't blame you for not waiting to slice into it, especially once that smells hits you...
Looks delicious, great job!
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