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15lbs Beef Jerky with Qview

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did a trial run was weekend and decided to do up 15lbs. This is my first Qview post!

i've got 2 different marinades. one is bbqish..they other is just water/salt/pickling spice.

Enjoy...will post ending results in 8rs!

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Lookin good!
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Everything looks good so far and now I need to ask you for the particulars on your smoking the jerky. The first time I did it you could hardly chew it for it was way over done. So what temp? Then for how long?? What woods did you use???
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Right on please share your info!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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About to start some jerky in the smoker myself. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Every time I've smoked jerky, I usually just smoke it as cold as I can for ~2-3 hours. I always finish up with my dehydrator for about 6-8 hours. Turns out great, and it's easier to get it "perfect" in the dehydrator.
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good looking meat-it's gonna be a Long 8 hours.can't wait
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I try to keep it 160...i'm by far a pro but last weekend's jerky was gone within 4hrs....but it was a small batch...2lbs...this is my first big batch.

The wood i'm using is maple (canadian eh) icon_wink.gif

i've got the ribs and pulled pork down right ..trying my hand at jerky!
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What type of meat do you use to make your jerky?
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I use "special" meat....icon_cool.gif

What ever is on special that day...this time it was sirloin roast...

Anything that doesn't have much fat!

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I was thinking it looked sirloin-I agree that the cheapest and leanest at that time is best-good luck on your first BIG batch-I sale Alot so 12-16#s wet is a norm around here-and mine hardly see's over 110.
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Pics of the finished pro
duct...not as good as last weekends trail run....but still happy with it!


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Waiting patiently for the final pics. Looks good so far.
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I see you tied the meat to your racks. I use toothpicks to hang from the racks..... might just save you some time.
Looks like some good eating though.... you got to love some jerky with a cold beer!
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Did you use a cure with it? Just curious.
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My hats off to you guys(and girls) that use a smoker to make jerky. My problem in smoking jerky it never turns out the same twice. I'll stick to my dehydrator.(old habits are hard to break).
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