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Colorado Gathering

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OK, have access to a cow camp on the Divide Road. Uncompadgre mountain range.

Automobile can drive it no sweat.

Want to know how many would be interested.

I would order the meat you want from the catering supplier so you would not have to haul any meat you want.

This is a working cow camp so I can cook for couple hunderd with the facility as it is.... but we would have to have a couple days of smoke pot luck and dutch ovens.

You will need a camper or tent.

I put in a complete shower house 10 years ago so hot water, hot showers and flush toilets are set up.

We are on the durango to Boulder bike trail. So mountain biking, hiking, horses, etc.

Don't have to be from Colorado, if you want to drive I can deal with it.

I do have electric hook ups, but sewer hook ups not.

Anyway I am looking for dates (snow won't be gone til May)

But I would like to do it for a weekend or long weekend.

Can not be labor day as the ranch event is that weekend, 500 people or so and I cook it so really busy time for me.

Let me know folks I am serious,
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Count me in. Hopefully I will have my rig up and running by the time this comes around. Will be pretty busy during competition season but will make every attempt to attend.icon_smile.gif
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We would be interested also. Don't think I want to take the motorhome up there, but I'll figure something out.
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Where exactly is this location? I would be interested.
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Hell's yeah! Can't think of a better place.
Where's about is your camp, Bbally?
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Nice offer Bob. All of my outlaws live in GJ and I bet my SIL would like to attend. How will you be splitting the costs for grub?
The wife and kid will be out there in July, Aug.. If its later in the year I'll go and hang out with you guys instead of the inlaws place :)
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I might be able to borrow a camper to attend. Just make sure to avoid the BBQ comp dates!
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I will respond later this week I am in Grand Canyon right now with my wife

Blackberry post
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Put me down for a maybe. Depends on the date and many other variables. I'll have to stay tuned and let you know later.
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That sounds cool. I would like to come!PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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If only I could afford an RV.
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Would like to know how August would work for any of you? Any weekend?

Food, I can order what you think you need from my Sysco rep, you will forward check in advance for anything you wish to purchase.

I will supply a pork butt or ribs for each person coming for you to cook for the public.

How many of you cook in black iron? I like cobbler.
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Keep me posted Bob as I can get away most anytime as long as it's not hunting season.biggrin.gif Maybe you could post the exact details as to how everything works, ie., who provides what and at what cost, etc. How may folks are expected, just SMF people or from some other forums. Also, let me know what I can do to help.
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Not looking like I can get a trailer this summer.. The one I have access too is doing host duty this summer.
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August eh? We'll be in Parker and Littleton area during August (about 4 Aug thru after Labor Day). #1 Son has a wedding (finally). Maybe two of us could drop by for a Hey, how's it going visit? Need an exact location so I can figure out how to get there, or at least a general neighborhood that a flatlander could figure out.
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This is a link to the approx location:

The red star is the location Grand Junction is approximate location of my house. The road that leads to it is 141.

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I'm possibly in ...it also depends on the final times and dates tho.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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OK folks, it appears August is the best month for the Cow Camp.

I will take my 100 KW genset up for RV hook ups.

I told you we have hot water showers

Camping will not have water hook ups.

Tent camping is also OK.

Self contained campers are OK and lots of room.

RVs will be a little more limited on space so I will need to know if you have a driving RV.

We have room for horses if you are into horse riding.

We have lots of mountain bike paths.

We have plenty of firewood for the fire pit. (believe you have never seen on this large.)

I can cook breakfast for the entire confab every morning, but you will be required to supply some of the groceries. As the amount of people coming becomes better defined I can start to divi up the grocery list for breakfast.

Is everyone OK with people coming to see the craft? No contest but I will give out meat for people to cook and feed to the public. Only if you want to do so.

I need to know if people can offer which weekends would work. Ideally I would be there from Thursday to Monday of any one week.

Thanks for your input.

Oh the cow camp is at 8750 Feet above sealevel so bring a sweatshirt. It will be cool at night and about 80 during the day.
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Ok two bands have signed up so far. They are thinking second or third weekend would work for them.

Any input?
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Any weekend good for us. Folks this is one of the best places in the world to spend time.

Bob I will go up eaely to help Tam set up.

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