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"Burnie"now has a toupee

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Just added a roof to my smoker this afternoon.

Tired of always standing out in the rain.

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Good deal, but when I think of Michigan I think of steeply sloped roofs. Hee hee. I see you still have snow on the ground and on the neighbours roof.
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That is true there is still snow around just none sitting on the smoker. THAT is not allowed.
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looks good and sturdy and thats 1 heck of a smoker,looks as though it will hold a couple racks o ribs real nice.
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Nice work Cheech, good to see you're still in the thick of the TBS.
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nice lookin top........
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I was born and half fast raised just a bit northeast of you. Picture this hilllbilly from between Remus and Barryton just a mile off M66. Thought I'd never make it out of there alive!biggrin.gif Back on topic, nice cooker and great job on the roof.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I almost didnt post this, because your toupee (LOL!) looks great, I hate to say anything negative. And I'm not an engineer so if I'm off base please accept my apologies, but...
It looks like it's sloped from front to back, wont the wind lift it up a little bit while youre driving? The trailer + smoker is probably heavy enough to not have a problem, but that big roof might catch a lot of highway wind, it would make me nervous.

I do love the idea, nice workmanship too.
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I suspect that it looks sloped but most likely the angle that the picture is taken. There were more measurements than cutting. The person that did the work is a race car driver and builder, he is very good at what he does. I took it home and really there was no telling that it was behind me, which is really cool because I pull this with a minivan. (Please don't hesitate to post we would never learn if everyone only said the good things)
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Speaking of hillbillys guess what my neighbors think I am? Maybe they will boot me out of this state too. icon_redface.gif
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