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Drumming up some ribs in my spare time

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Sorry for the terrible pun. My parents are coming to town this evening for a visit and dad likes ribs, so I've got a couple racks of spares on the drum. Was busy last night, so didn't get to trim and rub til this morning. Trimmed to St. Louis and rubbed with Lawry's ('rents and wife don't like spicy, so I'm staying away from heat this time) and fridged from 7 AM til 11:30 AM. Saving the rib tips for another occasion. Pulled the ribs and skirt and coated them with a butter-honey-yellow mustard mixture and then redusted with Lawry's and fresh ground black pepper. On the drum at 12:15 PM and rolling along at 225. Updates to come . . . beautiful day in the banana belt of Montana. Last ten days or so it's been in the low 50s with sun and zero wind. Pretty darn nice for early March. Thanks for looking!

Oh yeah, smoking with pecan chunks and apple chips today . . .

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nice looking batch of ribs you have prepped up there.

bettin it will be a good smoke...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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they look ready to smoke
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Lookin good, can't wait to see the finished qview
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that will be good PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks pretty good to me. Can't wait for the finished Q-View
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Action shot . . .

Into the foil . . .
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Hell yes! Nice looking DRUM!
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I am not sure that your drum smoker qualifies as a UDS... there "ain't no ugly" in your drum!
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Good looking ribs! Nice smoker too.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice drum and a good lookin set of ribs....
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points.gif on the drum. Great looking & tasty sounding ribs.
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I didn't get of picture of the ribs when they were plated, but here they are right before they came off the drum. Texture-wise, they were great, but they were a little salty and the Stubs original BBQ sauce I used didn't help matters. Overall, I'd say they were a B as far as my ribs go. Thanks for following along!

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Those are some good old ribs there. I'm sure your dad really liked them too.
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Cuz of the Lawrys, eh?

Otherwise they look great!
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